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Start Small

  • Mike 

Small changes, applied consistently over time, equals results.

There is a good amount of confusion today about how to get results. This can pertain to any aspect of life. Job, family, fitness, education, or even the range. I hear people complaining all of the time about not having motivation, or time, or energy. In reality, the problem isn’t necessarily with any of those things.

            Small changes, applied with consistency over time, creates results.

            The fact that you can’t spend hours in the gym every day, or the fact that you think you have no time for meal prep isn’t what is holding you back. Small changes, applied consistently over time, creates results.

            We need to stop worrying that we can’t do it all. That the mountain of our goals is too steep to climb and focus on that simple truth. Pick one change. “I will work out for 15 minutes every day.” Start there. If you can’t even do that yet, Maybe pick three days per week to do this. Start small and over time, it will start to make a change.

            Maybe you are having trouble with your meal prep. I get it, it is pretty daunting to try and plan out a week’s worth of meals and cook everything and get it all ready. Maybe you aren’t there yet. Maybe instead of trying to step straight from picking up dinner every night or lunch every day when you are at work, just start to pack a lunch or prep a meal the night before hand one or two nights a week. Start small, you can always step it up from there, but if you stick to the small changes, you will start to notice results.

            Once you realize that you can start to make a big difference by making small changes, it makes it much easier to overcome any of the roadblocks that may be stopping you. You can then focus on breaking down your larger goals into smaller changes in your life that will be easier to implement. If you start to build a habit with those smaller tasks, it will become easier to add the next component to meet your larger goal. Once you start getting these successes, it will also start to give you more confidence an encouragement which will help push you along in the process. You got this!

If you are needing help to figure out how to segment your goals or are unsure of where to start, be sure to reach out!

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