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Memento Mori Tactical

Self Defense For the regular person

About Us

Memento Mori Tactical was founded in 2018. We had realized that there was a need for down to earth instruction in self defense, fitness, and self reliance taught in a way that regular people just like you could learn and build confidence. We are under the firm belief that if more people are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools, to better protect themselves, take care of their bodies and minds, and generally become more self-sufficient, the world will be a much better place. We work hard to cut through all of the noise and confusion in a world where everyone is shouting conflicting info and give you the best information and instruction possible.

Our Mission

We aim to provide regular people with knowledge, training, and tools to become the ultimate versions of themselves.

Why Choose Us

Self Sufficiency

Gain the skills and tools to become more self-sufficient


Be your family’s first line of defense


Feel better, move better


Get in better shape to increase longevity and mobility as you age

Client Testimonials

“Really good class! Easy to follow along and did not ever feel forced to do something I was uncomfortable with! I would 100% recommend him!”
Melody G.
“Very good at explaining and showing tactics. 100% recommend!”
Josh H.
“Mike is the man! Top-notch instruction.”
Brian S.
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